Ravinder is a great teacher, walking you through every step of the process and explaining all lectures eloquently.
Gideon Routh
This is an exciting course so far, and I can see a lot of new skills and pathways opening up for me.
Michael Sabo
This course is phenomenal. I am an aspiring web developer. I didn't know we could do so much without coding.
Sparsh Aggarwal
Covers a lot of different options and explains thoroughly every step of the creating process. I am very impressed.
Tassos Simaioforos
Following along to this course is a real pleasure: great example tasks and exposure to some fantastic tools.
Rod B
An amazing course. Easy to follow instructions and practical hands-on approach with real-life project examples.
Bright Osagiede
It covers the topic of no-code in-depth and is a real eye-opener to what can get accomplished without coding.
Roger Ferraro
Great Communicator! Informative and Professional! You will learn a lot and feel like a rock star.
Barbara Robb
I had heard a lot about no code before but didn't know a lot about it. This course is showing me how powerful the tools are!
Wendell White