Create A COVID Tracker Bot With Zapier
March 30, 2021

Create A COVID Tracker Bot With Zapier

Tutorial Time:
16 Minutes
Ravinder Deol

Table Of Contents

1. What Is COVID19 API?

2. What Is Parabola?

3. What Is Google Sheets?

4. What Is Zapier?

5. What You'll Learn In This (No-Code) Tutorial

6. API Setup

7. Renaming Columns

8. Numerical Formatting

9. Export To Google Sheets

10. Publishing

11. Connect Zapier

12. Next Steps

What Is COVID19 API?

COVID19 API is a free and easy to use API for data on Coronavirus. COVID19 API's data is reliable. The data gets sourced from John Hopkins CSSE.

What Is Parabola?

Parabola is a drag-and-drop automation tool. The tool allows you to build custom automation without code. Furthermore, they offer a range of automation templates to help you get started. Parabola can get summarised as assisting you to automate your manual, repetitive data tasks.‍

What Is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program part of the Google Docs Editors suite. It's a powerful yet often overlooked no-code tool for building without code.‍

What Is Zapier?

Zapier is the easiest way to automate your work. Zapier works on the premise of if this happens, then do that. It enables you to eliminate manual, repetitive tasks by connecting apps that you use.

What You'll Learn In This (No-Code) Tutorial

By the end of this tutorial, you will have created an automated COVID19 tracker. The COVID19 tracker will email the figures of COVID daily.

What You'll Learn In This (No-Code) Tutorial‍

API Setup

Sign up for an account on Parabola.

Log into Parabola and click 'Add A New Flow'. Title your flow, 'COVID19 Tracker'.

Place the 'Pull From An API' function onto your canvas.

Open the function and set the 'Request Type' to 'GET'. Then, confirm the 'API Endpoint URL' in COVID19 API's documentation.

Select the API for 'Word Total WIP' (or whichever endpoint you wish). Copy and paste the endpoint URL into Parabola (below):

  • https://api.covid19api.com/world/total

API Setup‍

Click 'Show Updated Results'. You should now have access to the API.

Renaming Columns

Place the 'Rename Columns' function onto your canvas.

Open the function and rename the columns as follows:

  • TotalConfirmed - 'Total Confirmed'

  • TotalDeaths - 'Total Deaths'

Renaming Columns‍

Click 'Show Updated Results'.

Numerical Formatting

Place the 'Format Numbers' function onto your canvas.

Open the function and format every column as follows:

  • Numbers

  • With Comma Grouping

  • Showing 2 Decimal Places

  • Rounded To The Nearest Value

Numerical Formatting‍

Click 'Show Updated Results'.

Export To Google Sheets

Place the 'Send To Google Sheets' function onto your canvas.

Open the function and authorise Parabola to post to your Google Sheet.

Click 'File' and 'Create A New File'. Title the sheet, 'COVID19 Tracker'.

Under the export rule, select 'Overwrite'.

Export To Google Sheets‍

Click 'Show Updated Results'.


Click 'Publish' to get your Parabola flow live.

Click 'Add Rule' to the following scheduling rules for your flow:

  • Frequency - 'Once Per Day'

  • Days Of The Week - '7 Days Per Week'

  • Run Time - '09:00 AM'

  • Time Zone - 'Europe/London'


Click, 'Save Rule. Then, 'Run Flow Now'.

Your flow will now go live. It will query the API, rename columns, numerically format your data, and export it to Google Sheets.

Connect Zapier

Sign up for an account on Zapier.

Log into Zapier and click 'Make A Zap'.

Connect Google Sheets. And set the trigger event to 'New Or Updated Row'.

Connect Zapier‍ (Step One)

Click, continue. (You may need to authorise your Google account.)

Select your Google Sheet (and worksheet) titled 'COVID19 Tracker'.

Again, click continue.

Click 'Test Trigger'. Confirm if the automation can access your data.

Then, click continue.

Connect Email By Zapier. And set the trigger event to 'Send Outbound Email.'

Connect Zapier‍ (Step Two)

Again, click continue.

Customise the outbound email as follows:

  • To - (Use Your Email Address)

  • Subject - 'COVID Figures'

  • Body - 'Hello! Here are today's COVID figures. Total Confirmed: {Insert Total Confirmed Figure}. Total Deaths: {Insert Total Deaths Figure}. Total Recovered: {Insert Total Recovered Figure}. I'll send you another update tomorrow. Stay safe. (Your Name).'

  • Attachment - (No Attachment)

  • From Name - 'COVID Updates'

You can leave the remaining fields as default.

Connect Zapier‍ (Step Three)

Then, click continue.

Click, 'Test And Review'. Check if the email got sent to your email address.

Return to Zapier, and click 'Turn On Zap'.

Rename your Zap to 'COVID19 Tracker'.

You will now receive daily emails on COVID19 figures automatically.

Next Steps

Congratulations on completing this tutorial. Now, why not challenge your capabilities? Try implementing one of the suggestions below. Or try your own.

  • Replace Google Sheets with Airtable.

  • Track figures for a specific country.

  • Post the figures to Twitter automatically.
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