January 12, 2021

Using A Cryptocurrency API With Parabola

Ravinder Deol
Tutorial Time: 11 Minutes

Project Resources


Financial Modeling Prep

• Google Sheets

In this no-code project, you will be extracting data from an API.

To begin, you’ll need to create an account on Parabola. The free-plan will be sufficient. However, if you exceed their limits (refer to the pricing page), you will need to upgrade your plan.

For this project, you'll be using the Financial Modeling Prep API, and extracting the data for Bitcoin.

1. Initial API Setup

You will need to sign-up for the API from Financial Modeling Prep.

And, you will need to sign-up for an account on Parabola.

Once you’ve logged into Parabola, click - ‘Add A New Flow’. Title it - ‘Bitcoin Tracker’.

Place the ‘Pull From An API’ function onto your canvas.

Open the function. And set the ‘Request Type’ to ‘Get’.

Confirm the ‘API Endpoint URL’ in the documentation (example below). And enter it in Parabola.

  • financialmodelingprep.com/api/v3/quotes/BTCUSD?apikey=demo

Click - ‘Show Updated Results’. You should gain access to the API.

2. Filtering Data

Place the ‘Select Columns’ function onto your canvas.

Open the function. And ‘Keep’ the following columns:

  • Price (price)

  • Market Cap (marketCap)

  • Year High (yearHigh)

  • Year Low (yearLow)

Click - ‘Show updated Results’.

3. Renaming Columns

Place the ‘Rename Columns’ function onto your canvas.

Open the function. And rename the columns as follows:

  • Price (price) - ‘1 BTC = USD’

  • Market Cap (marketCap) - ‘Market Cap’

  • Year High (yearHigh) - ‘12 Month High’

  • Year Low (yearLow) - ‘12 Month Low’

Click - ‘Show Updated Results’.

4. Numerical Formatting

Place the ‘Format Numbers’ function onto your canvas.

Open the function. And format every column as follows:

  • Numbers

  • With Comma Grouping

  • Showing 2 Decimal Places

  • Rounded To The Nearest Value

Click - ‘Show Updated Results’.

5. Exporting Data

Place the ‘Send To Google Sheets’ function onto your canvas.

Open the function. And authorise Parabola to post to your sheet.

Click ‘File’ and ‘Create A New File’. Title the sheet - ‘Bitcoin Tracker’.

For an ‘Export Rule’, select - ‘Append’.

Click - ‘Show Updated Results’.

6. Publishing

To get your Parabola flow live, click - ‘Run Flow’.

Click ‘Add Rule’ to set your flow’s scheduling rules:

  • Frequency - ‘Once Per Day’

  • Days Of The Week - ‘7 Days Per Week’

  • Run Time - ‘08:00 AM’

  • Time Zone - ‘Europe/London’

Click - ‘Save Rule’. Then, click - ‘Run Flow Now’.

Your flow is now live. It’ll; query the API, filter your data, numerically format your data and export it.

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