Making Data Predictions With Obviously AI
March 30, 2021

Making Data Predictions With Obviously AI

Tutorial Time:
6 Minutes
Ravinder Deol

Table Of Contents

1. What Is Obviously AI?

2. What Is Email On Deck?

3. What You’ll Learn In This (No-Code) Tutorial

4. Selecting Our Data

5. Analysing Our Data

6. Next Steps

What Is Obviously AI?

Obviously AI describes itself as a tool for data science without code. The tool allows you to run data science processes - building machine learning algorithms, predicting outcomes, and more without code.

What Is Email On Deck?

Email On Deck allows you to create and temporary email addresses quickly. The tool is helpful if you need a free and disposable email address.

What You’ll Learn In This (No-Code) Tutorial

By the end of this tutorial, you will have made predictions on a dataset. The dataset that you’ll be working with is a selection of FIFA players.

What You’ll Learn In This (No-Code) Tutorial

Selecting Our Data

Sign up for an account on Obviously AI.

Log into Obviously AI. Then, select the dataset you’d like to use. (If you already have a dataset, click ‘Add Dataset’. Then, upload your CSV file.)

For this project, use the dataset titled ‘FIFA Players’ in Obviously AI’s datastore.

Selecting Our Data (Step One)

Click, ‘Use For Prediction’.

Select ‘Pick A Column To Predict’. Then, select which column you’d want to predict. For this project, select ‘Potential’.

Selecting Our Data (Step Two)

Click, ‘Go’. Then, ‘Start Predicting’.

Analysing Our Data

Rename the report to ‘FIFA Players Report (Potential)’.

Begin with interpreting the data in the ‘Drivers’ tab.

Review ‘Drivers For Predicting Potential’ to view the data we analysed.

You’ll notice that ‘Wage’ is indifferent to the potential of a player. The ‘Overall’ rating of a player is directly proportional to potential. And ‘Overall’ and ‘Age’ and proportional to determining potential.

Analysing Our Data

You can review ‘Top Drivers By Impact’ for a deeper analysis.

In the ‘Persona’ tab, you can set attributes to predict different outcomes.

In the ‘Export’ tab, you can export your data. And, in the ‘Tech Specs’ tab, you can take a birds-eye view of your dataset.

Next Steps

Congratulations on completing this tutorial. Now, why not challenge your capabilities? Try implementing one of the suggestions below. Or try your own.

  • Analyse a different dataset on Obviously AI.

  • Analyse a dataset from Kaggle.

  • Create a persona for analysis in Obviously AI.
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