Create An SMS Bot In Zapier
March 30, 2021

Create An SMS Bot In Zapier

Tutorial Time:
6 Minutes
Ravinder Deol

Table Of Contents

1. What Is Zapier?

2. What Is LatLong?

3. What Is Emojipedia?

4. What You'll Learn In This (No-Code) Tutorial

5. Weather By Zapier

6. SMS By Zapier

7. Next Steps

What Is Zapier?

Zapier is the easiest way to automate your work. Zapier works on the premise of if this happens, then do that. It enables you to eliminate manual, repetitive tasks by connecting apps that you use.‍

What Is LatLong?

LatLong is a tool that helps you to locate the latitude and longitude of a specific location accurately.

What Is Emojipedia?

Emojipedia is an emoji search engine. It offers a fast emoji search experience, allowing you to browse various emojis.

What You'll Learn In This (No-Code) Tutorial

By the end of this tutorial, you will have created an SMS bot in Zapier. The bot will send you an SMS with a weather forecast for the day.

What You'll Learn In This (No-Code) Tutorial

Weather By Zapier

Sign up for an account on Zapier.

Log into Zapier and click 'Make A Zap'.

Connect Weather By Zapier. And set the trigger event to 'Today's Forecast'.

Weather By Zapier (Step One)

Click, continue.

Now define the settings for Weather By Zapier:

  • Latitude and Longitude - (Go-to LatLong and input your desired location. Copy the longitude and latitude into Zapier.)

  • Units - Celsius (Or Fahrenheit).

Weather By Zapier (Step Two)

Click, continue.

Click 'Test Trigger'. The weather for your location should appear.

Then, click continue.

SMS By Zapier

Connect 'SMS By Zapier'. And set the action event to 'Send SMS'.

SMS By Zapier (Step One)

Now, click continue.

You'll now be required to verify your phone number. Once you have confirmed your number, you can select if from the dropdown menu. And, click continue.

Now define the settings for SMS By Zapier:

  • From Number - Random.

  • Message - ‘Today will be: {Summary}, with a max temp of: {Temperature Max}. And, a low temp of: {Temperature Min}. Have a wonderful day :)'

SMS By Zapier (Step Two)

Then, click continue.

Now, click 'Test and Review'. You should get an SMS.

Return to Zapier, and click 'Turn On Zap'.

Rename your Zap to 'Weather Notifications'.

You will now receive daily weather forecasts via SMS automatically.

Next Steps

Congratulations on completing this tutorial. Now, why not challenge your capabilities? Try implementing one of the suggestions below. Or try your own.

  • Create an SMS alert for a business process.

  • Change the location for your SMS alert.

  • Automatically share the weather notifications to Twitter.
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